Wholesale boat sales up 11 percent

CHICAGO – Wholesale dollar sales of all boats were up 11.1 percent in January compared to the same month the previous year, while unit boat shipments rose 2.7 percent, based on the January Monthly Shipment Report released Wednesday by the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

Dollar sales for the traditional powerboat segments (outboard, sterndrive, and inboard boats) were up 10.4 percent, and unit shipments increased 3.1 percent.

“This continues a great run for traditional boat shipments, which have recorded dollar increases for the past 24 months, when compared year-to-year,” said NMMA director of Industry Statistics & Research Jim Petru. “With the exception of December 2004, unit shipments have also increased 19 out of the last 20 months. This is an encouraging start to 2005.”

NMMA’s MSR tracks manufacturers’ shipments to dealers for both boats and outboard engines using a control group of boat and engine manufacturers. The 2005 boat control group represents about 77 percent of the overall boat marketplace while the 2005 outboard engine control group represents about 95 percent of the market.

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