Celebrate the U.S. Navy’s birthday on October 13

October 13 marks 239 years for the U.S. Navy. Its roots trace back to the American Revolution when the Continental Congress established a small naval force designed to work with privateers on waging tactical raids against the transports that supplied British forces in North America, with a Naval Committee supervising the work. Now the U.S. Navy is the world’s most powerful naval force.

The Navy boasts 325,143 current active duty members and a number of veterans. The day will certainly be celebratory for these honored military personnel and we should be tipping our caps alongside them.

Many of you likely host military discounts throughout the year or for Veteran’s Day on November 11, but October 13 presents an opportunity to specifically honor a branch of military that shares our passion for the water. We should recognize them for keeping our waters safe from enemies foreign and domestic.

Consider offering a one-day discount this Monday for active members and veterans of the Navy not because it benefits your organization with increased sales, but because these service man and women deserve it. Thank them for their service to this country with a promotion that gets them back on the water in a recreational way that they have earned tenfold.

While we are certainly proud of our nation’s Naval force, we certainly don’t want to forget about other branches of military. If you choose to host a discount or celebration for the Navy’s birthday, consider hosting them as well for the birthday of the Marines (November 10), the Coast Guard (August 4), the Air Force (September 18) and the Army (June 14). While we certainly have a connection to the branches of the military that serve on our waters, all of them have earned access to the relaxation boating provides.

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