Prep your customers for cold water boating

Here in Minnesota, it seems like all of our boating is cold water boating. I don’t think too much about taking extra precautions for cold weather because I’d have more luck trying to drive on the Minnesota lakes in the winter than I would trying to boat.

What I didn’t realize is that cold water boating is considered to be any outing when the air and water temperatures equal less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. We’re cold water boating now.

BoatUS recently published some details on cold water boating. One thing they ask boaters to keep in mind is that often times the water temperature is much colder than the air, and it’s imperative you extra precaution when going out on the water when the weather begins to cool. Their article provides cold water safety tips, different stages of cold water immersion and what to do during and after these stages.

Your customers may still be on the water as the leaves begin to turn.Even if the air temperatures are still high, the water may not be. This is an opportunity to promote boating safety and keep them and their families protected.

When hosting fall events at your dealership or as you begin planning your boat shows, consider adding cold water training to your itinerary. Your customers will appreciate learning ways to enjoy their boat for just a little bit longer during the season.

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