Nautical Ventures: Success in the dare to be different

With the unofficial tagline, “We sell everything from kayaks to cruise ships,” you know something different is happening within the Nautical Ventures Group.

Despite being somewhat new to the Top 100, earning its first Top 100 accolades in 2016, Nautical Ventures has used being a little different than the traditional dealership to launch itself into success.

“We believe our efforts to maintain a position within the Top 100, with a goal to become a Top 20 dealer, make us a better dealership year-round,” said Nautical Ventures CEO Roger Moore.

Nautical Ventures headquarters in Dania Beach, Fla.

The Nautical Ventures Group owns three dealership locations around southeast Florida: a flagship store in Dania Beach, a 26,000-square foot showroom and more in North Palm Beach, and a Riviera Beach store. Between the three locations, Nautical Ventures features ample showing space, service and storage, office space, and much more.

Aside from a wide variety of boats, from center console fishing boats to high-end yachts and more, Nautical Ventures stores offer a wide variety of water toys and accessories for purchase. Anything from kayaks and stand-up paddleboards to electric bicycles and more can be found after walking through the doors at Nautical Ventures.

Nautical Ventures Director of Marketing Frank Ferraro said that due to their locations, yacht captains and crews are coming into the store to pick up these toys, and buying multiple pieces at a time, which tends to add up rather quickly.

Nautical Ventures’ Dania Beach location offers boats from small tenders to larger center console fishing boats.

Moore said that some dealers in the industry have looked down at Nautical Ventures for selling “toys” along with high-end boats, but others — and the company’s 25 percent increase in revenue for 2016 — believe they are onto something by being different.

“Rather than poke holes in an idea and talk about how it won’t work, we take an idea and figure out ways that it will work,” Moore said.

However, Nautical Ventures doesn’t stop there. In December 2016, Nautical Ventures opened its Riviera Beach Marina Rental Kiosk, offering rentals, lessons and group tours of kayaks and stand-up paddleboards.

“Its proximity to Peanut Island, a Top-10 snorkeling spot in Florida, and its location within Riviera Beach Marina attracts tourists, boaters, captains and crew looking for a fun day out on the water,” Moore said.

Again, the Nautical Ventures Group doesn’t stop there. On the other end of its unofficial tagline, QPS Marine — a company within the Nautical Ventures Group — purchases, resells, and charters old cruise ships. QPS Marine also handles yacht brokerage and management.

“It’s not a joke when we say we sell everything from kayaks to cruise ships, we literally do just that,” Ferraro said.

The Nautical Ventures team promotes boating safety by participating in Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day every year.

Nothing seems to be completely off of the table when it comes to Nautical Ventures’ path to success. Moore said that the company is currently looking into the possibility of expanding its Dania Beach location, including constructing a new service facility, as well as opening more locations.

Yet another place Nautical Ventures is paving the way in being different? Boat shows. Along with the “try before you buy” mentality, Nautical Ventures often teams up with the show promoters to showcase their AquaZone. The AquaZone offers a hotspot to show goers to see and demo some of the more unique products Nautical Ventures offers, like small hovercraft and Flyboards.

“The AquaZone serves as almost a centerpiece of a show,” Ferraro said. “It’s brought interest to some of our more unique products and earned the attention of local media outlets, giving more exposure to Nautical Ventures as a whole.”

Whether building on ideas they’ve already implemented, or trying something completely new, the sky is the limit for Nautical Ventures as they pave the way to being a dealership of the future and their continued success.   


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