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How to avoid being on the “Most Hated Business” list

Mark Overbye headshot

By Mark Overbye Try this right now. Whether on your computer keyboard or an imaginary one, type the word, “typewriter.” Notice the letters are all on the top line? This isn’t a coincidence, it’s intentional. In 1873 E. Remington and Sons acquired the manufacturing rights to a new invention called the typewriter.  As the story goes, Remington’s engineers altered the final keyboard to ...

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Personal experiences drive digital brands

At the International Marina and Boatyard Conference, Steve Chandler held a general session on “Branding in a Digital World.” His session focused on the differences between branding and marketing, what defines a brand and how utilizing digital media can build the brand. As Chandler noted in his presentation, there are a few key differences between marketing and branding: Marketing is ...

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Chris-Craft to build lifestyle bicycles

Chris-Craft recently announced a partnership with PTX Performance Products, Inc. to create a line of retro-modern lifestyle bikes, expanding Chris-Craft’s offerings beyond its historic boats. The new bikes will integrate the classic Chris-Craft aesthetic. I find this fascinating, and not just because a new vintage bicycle appeals to my “hipster” tendencies. While there are manufacturers that certainly specialize in other ...

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