The Limestone Boat Company moves ahead with EV boat production

The Limestone Boat Company has announced that it’s placed an initial order for the first fully electric propulsion systems to be installed on its 2024 Model Year EV boats following the successful sea trial results of its Vision Marine E-Motion electric outboard-powered Aquasport 2100CC this summer.

The new EV model will debut later this month in the Vision Marine Technologies display at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Consumers there will be able to place a deposit to secure one of the first-run production models slated for delivery in Q4 2023.

The Limestone Boat Company will continue to expand its electric footprint, integrating EV systems and upgrading existing and future models to accommodate the demand from customers looking for a quieter, emission-free boating alternative. Additionally, the Company is identifying ideal geographic markets, models, distribution, retail partners, and sales development given the validation of the performance metrics and the Company’s early-mover market opportunity.

“Our choice to partner with Vision Marine to deliver a state-of-the-art EV boating experience has proven to be the right one. We’re excited to move forward with this initial order for Vision’s E-Motion powertrain and adding an EV offering to our 2024 Model Year lineup,” said Limestone Boat Company CEO Scott Hanson. “Showcasing the E-Motion powertrain’s capabilities, the sea trials definitively demonstrated our partnership’s shared commitment to safety, quality, and reliability. The performance and stability of our renowned deep-V hull was not compromised in any way, and was still compliant with the safety standards that the Limestone Boat Company demands, which are above and beyond industry compliance standards.”

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