Anthem Marine awarded patent for ballast system

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Anthem Marine patent #11110996 for its innovative ballast system for wake sports boats. The system eliminates pumps, complex plumbing and power issues, filling or draining in about three minutes. Further, it quickly drains dry to prevent the transport of invasive species. Anthem says its V3 Ballast System vastly improves the user experience for wake sports boats while reducing boat building challenges and addressing a ruinous ecological issue.   

Mark Overbye, Anthem’s CEO, remarked, “This is a true game changer. It’s quick, simple and 100% of the consumers and dealers who’ve seen it want it. Our Karma 23 takes on or drains 3600 pounds of ballast in about three minutes with one touch on the dash. And when the boat comes out of the water on a trailer or lift, the system fully drains automatically.  We feel it’s the fastest, easiest and most ecologically friendly system available today.”

Anthem says the technology should appeal to both consumers and boat builders alike. As governmental agencies tighten regulations around the transport of invasive species, the patented system promotes complete draining, air drying and easy inspection.  

Removing the headaches associated with pumps, power, plumbing, switching and space, Anthem’s technology resolves one of the most perplexing construction aspects for wake boat builders. Most notably, the science is consumer-driven as it is simple and quick to use, free of winterizing hassles and makes it easy to comply with ballast regulations.

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