Anthem Marine works on aquatic hitchhikers solution

Anthem Marine surfable pontoon
invasive species in wakesports boats

Anthem Marine has been working on ballast issues in the process of trying to crack the code on curbing the transport of invasive species by watersports boats.

Anthem’s V3 Ballast System features openings on the boat bottom permitting filling and draining in minutes. Without any valves or seals on the boat bottom vents, the ballast system fully drains and promotes air circulation when the boat is out of the water.   

“We believe our novel V3 ballast system is a true game changer,” stated Anthem CEO Mark Overbye in a press release. “Utilizing certain principles of physics we’ve eliminated ballast bugaboos facing every boat builder with ballast. Without pumps or complex plumbing our system fills or drains 3600 pounds of ballast in about three minutes.  Further, it automatically evacuates all ballast when the boat comes out of the water on the trailer or boat lift.”

Anthem’s motivations to innovate sprung from boaters with ballast systems reporting wait times of up to several hours at boat ramps to have their ballast systems sterilized because they don’t fully drain.  

Transporting invasive species is a growing national problem with many states recently tightening regulations for boaters and increasing fines for non-compliance.

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