New NMMA resource for resuming marine manufacturing operations

NMMA has created a new resource to help the recreational boating industry implement proper social distancing, health and safety measures in manufacturing facilities.

According to NMMA, marine manufacturing plants possess the unique capability to restructure their floor plans in order to reduce potential COVID-19 exposures. As states allow for manufacturing operations to return, NMMA believes these key safety measures will support responsible and safety manufacturing.

The resource is intended as a set of best practice guidelines to help navigate through this rapidly changing environment; this is not intended to be an industry standard.

Please be advised that some or all the information contained in this document may not be applicable to all businesses or places of work.

NMMA strongly recommends that before implementing any of the ideas contained in the resource that you carefully consult with regulators within the appropriate jurisdiction, as well as evaluate and consult with outside legal counsel as appropriate.

All facilities must comply with all applicable laws, meaning that if there is a conflict between the recommendations in these best practices and the applicable law, the facility must follow the applicable law.

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