Premier Marine wraps 25th annual dealer meeting

5Pontoon manufacturer Premier Marine wrapped its 2018 dealer meeting during its reorganization. Premier hosted 78 dealers over the three-day open house that ended Aug. 29. At the event, the company showcased 14 new models of boats that have been refined for the 2018 model year. Over 185 people attended the event and Premier Marine said it was very pleased with the ongoing commitment and support from the dealer network.

“When we started this brand, we knew it had enormous potential in a competitive marketplace,” said Lori Melbostad, president of Premier Marine. “We refined the features and qualities of the products, re-introduced them to the growing pontoon market, and watched the brand commitment remain with the active dealer network.”

The company said early dealer meeting orders were strong with production selling out sales slots through the end of the year. Premier Marine said it has work to do to reestablish the production levels and it is excited to start working on building 2018 at normal capacity levels.

“The product quality is strong and we have great support from key dealers looking to keep the brand on track,” the company said. “We are grateful for the dealer network and their strong level of commitment.”

“We are looking forward to regaining the trust of our dealers and customers in the marketplace,” said Melbostad.


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