MarineMax launches boating gear website

CLEARWATER, Fla. – MarineMax today announced the launch of a new boating gear website:

The site was designed to support the growth of the company’s boating gear and accessories retail business.

“The new site, which replaces the previous Boating Gear Center site, combines a more stylish design and simplified navigation with the added functionality of a contemporary ecommerce store,” Josh Bigio, eParts Manager for MarineMax, said in a release. “Now, customers can more easily explore and shop our complete line of new and premium boating products.”

In coordination with the site launch, MarineMax’s Boating Gear Center has expanded its selection of products.

“We are very proud of our new website. We were determined that the new platform would enable us to give our customers the best levels of service and enable us to present our premium range of products in the best light,” Bigio said. “Our new website offers excellent product presentation, customer reviews, simple and easy search and navigation, the capability to enable us to recommend the right products to our customers based on their behavior and the preferences of other customers similar to them, sophisticated promotions functionality, and a streamlined and intuitive customer journey.”

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