Rochester Yacht Club teaches sailing to youths

IRONDEQUOIT, N.Y. — The Rochester Yacht Club, which serves the Genesee River and Lake Ontario, hosts local high school students who want to learn how to sail competitively.

Every weekday, about 70 of area teens come to the club to practice their technique and skills. High school sailing is the second-fastest growing high school sport in the nation, according to a story in the Irondequoit Post.

Jon Faudree, sailing director and head coach at the Rochester Yacht Club, told the Post that Rochester has one of the biggest high school sailing programs in the country.

The club also offers sailing classes to all ages during the summer months, and is working to make sailing and boating accessible to the local population via the year-old Rochester Community Boating Foundation.

The foundation hopes to raise enough money to help replace the yacht club’s fleet of twenty 420s, the boats used by youth.

To read the full article, go to: High school sailing is a growing sport at the Rochester Yacht Club

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