ABYC Foundation launches online purchasing directory

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – The ABYC Foundation has launched what it is calling “the industry’s first standards-based online purchasing directory,” the Marine Industries Global Purchasing Directory, it reported in a statement yesterday.

“This new service may well revolutionize the method by which customers will research, locate and possibly even procure self-certified standards-based products and services,” said Skip Burdon, the foundation’s secretary and president of ABYC. “For the first time, marine businesses that build, maintain or repair boats, or provide standards-based services have a one stop tool from which to reach local, national, as well as global customers at no or very low cost.”

The directory is now available to all businesses worldwide that manufacture, build, repair or offer and use marine services, according to Burdon. The foundation is offering a standard listing in the Global Purchasing Directory at no cost as an added benefit to ABYC business and manufacturing members. Both ABYC members and non-members can enhance their participation in the directory by selecting various premium package options and/or premium spot advertising spaces to enhance their organization’s revenue generating.

Manufacturers, retailers and/or service providers appearing within the directory self-certify that their product and/or services meet one or more of the following qualifying criteria:

– Applicable ABYC Standards
– Product is on the NMMA Type Accepted List
– Product is Certified/Approved by a Classification Society
– Product is CE Compliant
– Product is on the NMMA Listed Component List

In order to meet the “Applicable ABYC Standards” criteria, the business entity must be a current ABYC member, according to the foundation. In addition, users of the service must acknowledge that self certification does not, in and of itself, guarantee compliance to ABYC Standards or any of the criteria for appearing in the directory.

Potential customers can use the site to research a product or service, learn if that product or service vendor self-certifies that the product meets or complies with one or more industry standards, and then if desired, visit the participating vendor or service provider’s site to gain more information, obtain contact information or possibly even make a purchase, according to the foundation.

The foundation’s Marine Industry Global Purchasing Directory can be accessed by visiting http://abyc.officialbuyersguide.net/index.asp. As of March 3, the Global Purchasing Directory can also be accessed at the ABYC Web site, www.abycinc.org.

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