Bertram evaluates relocation options

MIAMI, Fla. – Bertram Yacht, the Miami-based sport-fish manufacturer, is evaluating new locations for a state-of-the-art production facility that would accommodate the company’s desire to manufacture and deliver larger models than it now produces, Bertram said in a release yesterday.

With nearly 50 years of production at the company’s current headquarters – situated within the heart of the Miami River – Bertram said its production needs have evolved to a point where the business must explore other options.

“Bertram is determining the possible sale of its current property and is working to identify facility alternatives in the surrounding areas that will accommodate its manufacturing objectives and provide for a seamless transition of current facility staff,” the company wrote it its release.

The company said it is evaluating viable site opportunities within the South Florida area – with the support of local officials – which would provide a suitable environment to efficiently manufacture large vessels with convenient access to open water.

At the present time, the manufacturer’s largest yacht ever produced, the Bertram 800, is in its early production phases at the Bertram plant. The company’s product development plan of designing and building even larger vessels is constrained by certain limitations of the existing facility, Bertram said.

“We are directly responding to our customers’ requests to build larger sport-fishing vessels,” said Mike Myers, president and COO of Bertram Yacht. “With access to some of the world’s leading technological and design advancements with which our parent company Ferretti S.p.A. provides us, we are confident that Bertram will forge ahead with nothing short of quality production for a solid future in sport fishing.”

The relocation evaluation supports Bertram’s goal to position the company for continued growth and success while adapting to current market requirements to remain at the forefront of the marine industry, according to the release.

Bertram Yacht’s parent company, Ferretti S.p.A, remains committed to Bertram’s future success and is providing full support to the evaluation of site opportunities that will optimize production processes, Bertram said.

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