Garmin warranty program to include ABYC Electrical Certification

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – This week, the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) and Garmin International, Inc. signed a three-year cooperative agreement whereby ABYC’s Electrical Certification course will be recognized as a prerequisite for performing approved warranty and/or rebate work on the company’s marine electronic products, they reported in a recent statement.

Going forward, the warranty information will be updated to inform customers that in order for the warranty to apply, one of the criteria a customer must meet is to have the marine equipment installed by an ABYC Certified Electrical technician.

The Electrical Certification course is designed for the experienced marine technician, according to ABYC. Course topics include electrical theory, lead-acid batteries, using a multi-meter, battery testing, generator sets, inverters, grounding and bonding systems, troubleshooting and more. The class concludes with a 200-question certification exam.

“Garmin is pleased to be working with the ABYC to offer this certification to customers,” said Gregory DeVries, Garmin’s director of marine sales and marketing.

DeVries went on to say that although these systems are known for their simplicity of operation, the integration and installation of them has grown increasingly complex.

“This certification gives customers confidence in knowing that the equipment will be installed properly, and more importantly – provide years of trouble-free service,” he stated.

Mike New, ABYC Education Director commented, “This is the first time an electronics company has accepted our electrical certification as a threshold credential and we invite industry partners to follow suit. Garmin recognizes that the secret to successful electronic installations is assuring that the installer or technician knows the entire marine electrical system on any given boat – AC and DC. Boats vary greatly; however, using ABYC Electrical Certified technicians assures Garmin that the installer has a thorough understanding of marine electrical systems.”

Electrical Certified credential can be earned by attending an ABYC class and taking the certification exam, by testing only, or through electrical training offered by one of the Marine League schools, which uses ABYC curriculum and certifications in their programs, ABYC stated. To find class and testing information, or for more information on the Marine League schools, visit

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