Bradford Marine acquires “Bradford” naming rights for yacht sales

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla — Bradford Marine Inc. has acquired rights to the “Bradford” name relating to yacht sales and charter, the company recently reported.

In the early 1980s, Bradford Marine co-founder Charles Blickle left the company but retained use of the “Bradford” name for his yacht sales and charter business, the company said in a release. However, Bradford Marine has re-acquired the name and is re-branding its Shipyard Group subsidiary as “Bradford Marine Yacht Sales.”

The timeline for ownership of the Bradford Yacht Sales names is as follows, according to the company. Bradford Marine was founded in 1966, but when co-founder Charles Blickle left, he took the Bradford name for his yacht sales and charter business, “Bradford Yacht Sales.” In the 1990s, Bradford Yacht Sales was acquired by outside investors, but Blickle’s son, Charles Blickle Jr., stayed with that business.

In 2005, Bradford Yacht Sales was acquired by a Miami-based shipyard that later merged the “Bradford” name into its existing yacht sales and charter business. In late 2008, the company closed their yacht sales and charter business and transferred the “Bradford” name rights relating to yacht sales and charter to Blickle Jr. Finally, in January, Bradford Marine acquired the name rights from Blickle Jr.

“We are very pleased to bring the ‘Bradford’ name back together after more than 25 years of being apart. Consolidation of the ‘Bradford’ name and re-branding The Shipyard Group to Bradford Marine Yacht Sales will eliminate confusion and clearly show that our yacht sales and charter subsidiary is a part of and represents some of the full line of quality yacht-related services provided by the Bradford Marine family of companies,” said Paul Engle, Bradford Marine’s president.

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