Marina wage rate survey opened

WARREN, R.I. – The 2008 AMI Marina Wage Rate Survey – a new survey intended to provide marina managers a means to compare the salaries of their employees to others in the same region and across the nation – is now open for participation, the Association of Marina Industries reported in a statement this week.

The survey will contain information about hourly wages, average vacation time, benefits, and pension plans across a range of job categories including general manager, office administrator, store manager, forklift operators, dockhands and receptionists, AMI stated. This survey will only examine positions related to marina operations, but the association hopes to add boatyard and service functions in the future.

The results of this survey can be used by managers to ensure salaries are fair for the position, region, years of experience of each employee; raises reflect experience and region, as well as performance; and benefits are in line with the industry, the association reported.

To participate in the survey, which the association said should take no more than 15 minutes, visit The report will be available at no cost to all AMI members who provide data for the survey and $65 for those members who do not contribute data. The cost is $99 for all non-members, AMI reported.

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