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RESTON, Va. – will implement eStara “Click to Call” and “Call Tracking” technology across its Web site to help optimize advertiser listings, drive sales conversions and improve communication between buyers and sellers, eStara reported in a release today.

eStara “Click to Call” lets online boat buyers transition into immediate telephone or PC-based voice contact with businesses from any online medium, including Web sites, e-mails or directory listings. Advanced reporting capabilities will allow advertisers to see detailed caller information, as well as such information as the exact page on a site where the buyer initiated the call.

“Call Tracking” quantifies incoming leads for easier acquisition, retention and upselling. The features provide sellers with a 360-degree view of caller detail that offers more insight on callers than traditional call measurement tools and includes features such as call recording and dynamic call routing, which ensures local advertisers receive local leads by geo-targeting where inbound calls are being initiated.

“As part of its ongoing commitment to our advertisers, Boat Trader is continually searching for the best ways to track listing performance and prove ROI to dealers,” said Lori Stacy, vice president of Boat Trader. “eStara offers a full suite of solutions that helps our clients close deals with the ability to connect with prospects in real-time and gain detailed tracking on all incoming leads. The products also enable buyers to save listings or refer their peers to particular listings.” will also be adding eStara “Save & Send” in the near future, according to the release.

eStara “Save & Send” will allow users to save or send a listing in the electronic format they choose – on the desktop, the Web or mobile device – predisposing them to make repeat purchases from preferred merchants, while providing publishers the ability to measure and deliver ROI more effectively across channels. This tool will also let users send listings to a more suitable potential buyer, thereby acting as a simple and quick referral tool.

“Specialty online classified sites like are realizing the importance of integrating the voice channel into their online sales strategy to help advertisers close sales,” said John Federman, CEO of eStara. “eStara’s proactive conversion solutions will provide Boat Trader buyers and sellers with a straightforward user experience while giving the company itself a much more granular look at advertising effectiveness that goes beyond traditional call measurement capabilities.”

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