Walker Bay prepares for expansion

UNION GAP, Wash. – Walker Bay Boats Inc. has purchased a new manufacturing facility to accommodate the expansion of the new fleet it will launch in 2006, the company reported in a release today.

The new 8.5-acre site in Terrace Heights, Wash., currently accommodates a 60,000 sq. ft. building and has the capacity to expand to 180,000 sq ft., which is part of the company’s 5-year plan.

Walker Bay said it has moved its head office to triple the square footage.

“We have an aggressive five-year growth plan that simply cannot be implemented without more space,” said Andrew Taylor, president of Walker Bay Boats. “The next year is going to be an exciting one and we want to have everything running smoothly well in advance of the rollout of our new product line.”

The facility is currently being technologically upgraded and will have rail and intermodal shipping capabilities. Production will be down for two weeks while equipment is relocated to the new plant. The property will also have an on-water testing facility for the research and quality control teams.

“The new facility will further reduce our costs, improve production efficiencies and better our ability to ship worldwide,” said Bobbi Ferguson, vice president of Operations.

The extra space in the new Vancouver administrative office gives the company room for additional employees. The office also has a larger showroom that will display its entire product line for dealers and distributors.

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