Dometic launches new customer service initiatives

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – Dometic Corp.’s Environmental Systems group, which makes marine air conditioners and refrigerators, has launched a new set of initiatives aimed at boosting service to boat builders, their dealers and their customers, it reported in a recent statement.

The service initiatives include a 24/7 air conditioning service hotline throughout North America, and the revitalized Onboard Program, which aims to make it easier for boat dealers to service the Cruisair and Marine Air systems on the boats they sell.

“We recognize that service is one of the keys to customer satisfaction in the boating industry,” said Frank Marciano, president of Dometic Environmental Systems. “We believe that as a major supplier to the industry we have a special responsibility to ensure boat buyers get prompt and efficient service for their boats and the installed systems that come with them.”

The Cruisair/Marine Air service hotline is open anytime of day or night. Customers are connected quickly with factory service technicians who can help diagnose the problem and suggest remediation alternatives, according to Dometic. If onboard service is needed, the caller is put in touch with the nearest factory-certified service dealer.

The OnBoard Program was created to help boat dealerships service the Cruisair and Marine Air systems on their customers’ boats. Participating dealerships are partnered with nearby Cruisair or Marine Air servicing dealers, who can provide the technical expertise and specialized tools needed to service the air conditioning systems. The dealer’s service department receives factory training in basic trouble-shooting for the most frequent problems encountered with air conditioning, such as air flow, seawater plumbing and condensate drains.

“The customer expects the boat dealer to stand behind the products they sell,” said Marciano. “When a problem develops, the boat owner looks to the dealer to take care of it. Unfortunately, most boat dealers do not have the training or tools needed to work on air conditioning systems. The Onboard Program is intended to bridge that gap.”

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