MRAA program tackles profitability

OAK PARK, Ill. – The Marine Retailers Association of America (MRAA) has launched its Presidential Benchmarking Tool, designed to help dealers improve their profitability and employee relations, it reported in a statement today.

The program, facilitated by Bob Clements International (BCI), is designed to help dealers clearly understand all aspects of their business, define the steps needed to achieve high impact gains, and provide a mentor to guide and ensure improvements are obtained.

The new tool has been tested by Joe Pozo, President, Boat Tree, Inc., according to the association.

“The benchmarking of our company has been invaluable by pinpointing the deficiencies, but more importantly, the steps needed to correct them. We have started to implement the systems and have seen immediate results,” Pozo stated.

“Through the MRAA Learning Center we have spent the past twelve months researching the specific needs and desires of boat dealership owners. The research uncovered that there are two main issues owners really want to get their arms around. First is business profitability and the second is employee issues, such as productivity, communications, and motivation,” said Phil Keeter, MRAA president.

During the MRAA Conference, Dann Harris, executive partner, BCI, will help attendees understand that taking steps to have the business you have always dreamed of is a lot simpler than you may realize, commented MRAA Chairman John Sima.

“Join us at the MRAA Convention on November 11th where BCI has helped many dealers across the country in varying industries improve margins approximately 2 percent on whole goods, 10 percent on parts and 8 percent on service,” said Sima. “BCI has also been very successful in assisting owners empower their employees to take more responsibility and ownership for the tasks and duties they are responsible for. The outcome of such empowerment allows the owners to be the master of the business rather than the slave.”

More convention information is available at or by calling 708-763-9210.

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