ITW SprayCore expands Web site

CLEARWATER, Fla. – ITW SprayCore, a manufacturer of syntactic materials used in the construction of fiberglass boats and other laminate structures, has revamped its Web site – -– to make it more informative and valuable to its customers, the company reported in a release yesterday.

In the month following the Sept. 1 re-launch of the site, the number of hits increased by more than 500 percent, from 9,600 to nearly 60,000. The length of stay also has tripled, increasing from less than five minutes to 14 minutes per visitor session, the company said.

"We've more than tripled the information on the Web site, we've made it easier to navigate, and it's searchable," said Bill Lauersdorf, general manager of ITW SprayCore. "We hope manufacturers find the new Web site a valuable resource."

Product data sheets and material safety data sheets are available online and are searchable for convenience. The product data sheets explain product features and advantages, typical properties and performance as well as application instructions. The MSDS provide users with health, safety and environmental information for safe handling, use and disposal of ITW SprayCore products.

TechNotes and answers to frequently asked questions are also available, and customers may subscribe to ITW SprayCore's free e-newsletter as an added service.

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