Northport Systems president acquires company

TORONTO, Canada — Robin Martel, current president of Northport Systems, Inc., has acquired the software company, according to a recent press release from Northport Systems.

Martel will succeed Chairman Sam Rea as owner of the land and marine navigation software manufacturer.

“I am proud to introduce Robin as the new President and CEO of Northport Systems,” said Mr. Rea. “In his tenure as President, his tireless work, commitment to innovation and knowledge of this industry has been instrumental to the company and its customers. With his vision for the company, its products and solutions, I expect continued success and a new dawn for Northport Systems.”

Martel joined Northport Systems in 2002 as a business development manager, and became president three years later. During his career at the company, Martel has led software development and marketing initiatives and directed customer support, service development, and training.

Martel added, “Purchasing Northport Systems is a thrill and the realization of a long-time goal. I have a fresh vision with exciting new directions for the company that will elevates us from a software producer to a true solutions provider. I look forward to introducing our stakeholders, partners and customers to the new Northport Systems.”

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