Hargrave Custom Yachts expands to Europe

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Hargrave Custom Yachts, a U.S.-based builder of luxury custom yachts between 70 and 130 feet, said recently that it will expand into the European market.

“Having helped promote many of the world’s leading luxury yacht brands over the past 20 years, I believe Hargrave Yachts will sell particularly well in Europe,” said Peter Bryant of European Seas Yacht Marketing, a company that Hargrave has forged a relationship with. “The custom build, high quality and competitive pricing of Hargrave Yachts is, in my view, perfectly suited to the European market.”

To kick-off its European focus, Hargrave will participate at the Cannes International Boat & Yacht Show in Cannes, France, Sept. 10-15, 2008. European Seas Yacht Marketing — and representatives from Hargrave — will showcase the custom yacht builder during the show with an information booth and a sneak peek at Hargrave’s new designs for 2009.

Hargrave executives say that while they wish to continue fostering growth in the American market, they also want to explore the possibilities that have opened in Europe and Russia due to the strength of their currencies.

“Our marketing efforts over the years have been focused on the American buyer, but we foresee a strong future in international waters,” said Mike Joyce, Hargrave CEO. “Our competitive edge in this new market is that we are an actual custom builder and I think Hargrave yachts would have great appeal to buyers who are seeking something different.”

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