Landing School Composite Program is accredited

ARUNDEL, Maine – The Landing School’s new Composite Program has been accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology in Arlington, Va., the school reported in a release yesterday.

This accreditation comes after two years of curriculum design, facility planning and fundraising for the program’s launch in September 2007.

The full-time 40-week program is an applications orientated course centered on the study of material properties in a production environment, the operation and control of modern production techniques, and the fabrication skills required to produce high quality composite products.

Approximately one-third of the course is lecture-based, with the remaining two-thirds focused on practical fabrication labs and the construction of a boat using a wide range of composite fabrication techniques and advanced composite materials.

“We have three primary aims in this one-of-a-kind program,” said Steve Dalzell, a member of the curriculum development team and Yacht Design Program manager.

They are:

  • To provide an integrated course of study leading to a comprehensive knowledge of fundamental elements of composite structure production.
  • To produce graduates equipped to satisfy the needs of the marine and other composite industries in the implementation and operation of appropriate production technologies.
  • To develop student understanding of the skills required to deliver high quality composite products.
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