RBFF reveals its 2006 media plan

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation has released its 2006 media plan for the Take Me Fishing campaign, which builds on the research and success of last year's efforts, the group reported in a recent statement.

The campaign continues to target lapsed anglers and boaters, reminding them that time spent on the water is the best way to connect with their families, according to RBFF. The target audience includes men and women, ages 25-54 and is expected to generate more than 1.2 billion consumer impressions.

Ads will run from April until June and will appear on national cable television, in magazines, in movie theatres, and online. The advertising budget is comparable to last year's but the reach is greater, reported RBFF.

The television ads include commercials and vignettes on top cable networks to further enhance the family fishing message; print ads will appear in 7 new magazines; there will be advertising in family-friendly G and PG-rated films nationwide; and there will be a significant increase in online advertising to drive traffic to takemefishing.org, according to RBFF.

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