Number Cruncher Appreciation Day

In nearly any modern industry there’s a diverse spectrum of players involved. On one end, you’ve got the do-ers — the boots on the ground that are making products, working with customers, tech support — and on the other you’ve got the data-driven analysts that view things from an aerial perspective. One can identify these number crunchers by their fine suits, shiny shoes, overt intelligence and enthusiasm for explaining the minutiae of the industry.

The boating industry has a lot of these number crunchers, and they’re a big part of the industry’s post-recession metamorphosis into a leaner, sharper, meaner machine. Using key performance indicators, demographic data, detailed sales statistics and boat type and propulsion trends, the marine industry has a better handle than it used to on where things currently are, what challenges we face and how everybody can succeed in the future.

Smart folks from ADP, Dominion, Info-Link, Spader, the NMMA, the MRAA, Statistical Surveys and GE Capital are just a handful of the data providers helping the industry make sense of these shifting winds. All combined, their expertise is truly remarkable, and can help dealership owners, marina operators, aftermarket shops and manufacturers determine how to move forward in a way that minimizes risk and maximizes success.

With this lofty intention, we at Boating Industry put together our annual Market Data Book that is an incredibly valuable collection of up-to-date data points useful in the coming 12 months. We’re currently in the heart of putting together the 2014 edition, and are adding some interesting new tidbits that are relevant toward the hottest topics in the industry — demographic trends that cannot be ignored.

We get calls all throughout the year from people looking to get their hands on a copy of our latest MDB, which is a true testament to its value in the market. Combining this powerful knowledge with the in-person training at the annual Marine Dealer Conference & Expo is a proven way to truly understand the market and receive the tools to capitalize on that knowledge.

This is what reader service means at Boating Industry, but we couldn’t do it without all the smart number crunchers in this industry. Has anybody proposed an annual Number Cruncher Appreciation Day?

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