Accelerate your Facebook page with post boosting

Your dealership is trying to drive sales, but how do you make the most of Facebook and its powerful advertising platform to make that happen? You may want to try boosting your Facebook posts, but with a strategy.

The days of blindly posting inventory on Facebook and hoping someone comes to your dealership to make a purchase are over. Your dealership needs to use a strategy that includes engaging content and Facebook boosting to ensure your social media budget has an ROI.

What is Facebook boosting?

Facebook prominently places a button on each of your posts, encouraging you to “Boost your post to reach more people.”

You will also see the number of people your post has reached without boosting, which will be significantly lower than the number of people who like your page. Facebook only shows a fraction of your content to your fans based on what Facebook thinks they will enjoy.

Hitting the boost button and spending $5 or $10 over 7 days can be tempting to get more eyes on yours posts, but there are things to consider first.

Making the most of the Facebook Boost Button

Don’t boost posts for the sake of boosting posts. Facebook gives you the tools to see which content is performing well and you should boost that contest instead.
You may also see alerts from Facebook telling you when specific posts are doing better than others; you should boost those too.

If you boost a random post that your audience doesn’t find engaging, you’ll end up spending close to $5 per engagement, which is way too high. Your goal should be $0.02 or $0.03 per engagement. An engagement is an action that someone can take on your post, whether it be a like, comment, share or link click.

What content should you boost?

An easy way to know what to boost is to look at your previous posts and see which ones are getting a lot of engagements or activity on their own.

Facebook Insights is the best place to start. As a page manager, you can access page insights to see reporting on each post and its engagement activity.

Please note that your Facebook Page user status must be either an admin, editor, moderator or advertiser to access Page Insights.

The Insights tab is at the top of your Facebook page. You can sort by the Engagement column to see what posts are doing best. Facebook also makes it convenient to boost these posts right from the dashboard.

Keep boosting!

If a post that you boosted is performing well, consider adding more budget to ride the wave. Instead of using your marketing budget to boost blindly, add fuel to those posts to see success and increase your reach.

Dealerships that can master Facebook boosting will stay top of mind with customers. When your target audience is in the market for something new, they’ll think of your dealership, instead of your competition.

Jim Jabaay is the vice president of LotVantage, a digital marketing company for dealerships and original equipment manufacturers. LotVantage specializes in posting dealer inventory to Craigslist, eBay and driving engagement on social media on behalf of their customers. Visit or call 1-888-569-3865.

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