Small business owners need to take a vacation

If you’re a small business owner, you probably know that taking a vacation would be good for you and for your business – and yet you probably haven’t done it yet.

A recent survey released by Marriott Rewards Premier Business Credit Card found that two-thirds of small business owners think taking a personal vacation benefits their business, including improved focus, creativity and motivation. Despite knowing the importance and benefits of unplugging, only 25 percent of small business owners are able to do this, and nearly three-quarters worry about work responsibilities they are missing while away.

On top of that, 85 percent of small business owners intentionally carve out time for personal activities during a business trip. However, that means small business owners are missing out on guaranteed time off.

During this busy boating season while everyone else gets to take a vacation and enjoy time on the water, you’re certainly neck deep in work and can’t get away. I’m sure that doesn’t even look like a possibility right now. But make it a priority to carve out some time for yourself at some point and get away – really get away, no cell phone calls or texts from employees or email checking. It will do wonders for your health and for your business.

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