Showing up on ethanol’s radar

I’ve had some fun this month watching and reading the reaction to a column I wrote last month after the Iowa caucuses.

In it I wrote that maybe Ted Cruz’s victory showed that ethanol wasn’t going to be the deciding factor it had been in the past for the nation’s first caucuses. It was one of literally dozens of articles I’ve written over the last few years about ethanol and the challenges they present to the industry.

But this time, the corn bat signal went up (which I imagine looks something like this) and proponents of ethanol swarmed with comments and emails. I haven’t people this upset with me since I covered the great Portage County landfill battle of 2000.

So let’s address some of those comments:

So if all goes well, I’ve managed to educate here and maybe, just maybe, tweak the ethanol folks to get them to post and share this story, too. I could use the page views. Like I said above, kids to put through college and all that.

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