Brunswick announces brand update

Brunswick Corporation has unveiled a new brand update at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nev. Anchored in its new tagline, “Next Never Rests,” the brand refresh aims to reflect a commitment to innovation embodied by integrated product, service and technology strategy.

“Brunswick’s success has always been rooted in our deep understanding of what the next generation consumer wants – holistic and ecosystem solutions that are grounded in human experiences. Now, we’re excited to launch a contemporary brand that fully reflects our culture of challenging convention, our relentless pursuit of excellence, and our commitment to advancing innovation at the edge,” said Lauren Beckstedt, chief marketing officer, Brunswick Corporation. “Our tagline, ‘Next Never Rests’, pays homage to a future we will define, and underpins the Company’s enduring relevance as a leader in technology and sustainable innovation.” 

“Central to our brand commitment, and the industry transformation we aspire to achieve, are our partners—in our broad customer base, our channel and our supply chain, across technology verticals, and throughout our wealth of world-class talent,” said Brunswick CEO Dave Foulkes. “Innovation is what drives Brunswick forward and what excites others to join us as we craft a better, more sustainable future.​” 

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