Watershed Innovation announces Osmosis Telematics, Centurion app

Osmosis is a telematics platform developed by Watershed Innovation that connects users to their boats over a cellular connection all over the world. With Osmosis, thousands of owners now have access to key information about their boats throughout the warranty period without additional fees or subscriptions.
The platform includes a free custom branded consumer app while enabling remote diagnostics for service, much quicker feedback for product enhancements, and over-the-air software updates. Everything happens in a secure environment that prioritizes end customer privacy and data security.
Osmosis originated with Ingenity’s commitment to deliver the best possible boating experience for customers of the 100% electric Nautique GS22E. The system is designed be a trusted conduit between OEMs, their dealers, and end customers. Osmosis built the back end for the MyNautique app. Now it announced the Centurion RECON app.
“We are excited to partner with Watershed Innovation and feature Osmosis Telematics on every new Centurion Ri Series boat in 2022,” Paul Singer president of Centurion & Supreme stated. “This remote, innovative user connectivity shares important boat information and elevates our Centurion owner experience to a whole new level.”
“Osmosis, like everything we do at Watershed Innovation, is ultimately about making things better for customers. The internet of things is not going away,” Watershed Innovation president Sean Marrero added. “People want the best possible customer experience and being connected helps them get it…it’s that simple. I believe all recreational boats will eventually be connected, and I am not surprised to see premium, forward-thinking brands like Ingenity, Nautique, and Centurion making this decision today.”

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