Parker Boats sponsors boating “Journey for a Cause”

Parker Boats sponsors Journey for a Cause

Parker Boats announced it will be sponsoring “Journey for a Cause,” where college student Eddie Gill will highlight inclusion and fishing through a 10-day boating trip.
Gill will make the journey from the Ohio River in Indiana to the Gulf of Mexico in a Parker 2520 XLD boat.

“Journey for a Cause” was inspired by Gill’s dream to promote diversity within the boating and fishing communities after he realized many are not involved. Eddie wants to help the industry expand with those who enjoy being on the water.
Gill stated, “I am thrilled to partner with Parker Boats on ‘Journey for a Cause.’ I am incredibly grateful for their sponsorship and have the greatest respect and admiration for their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the boating industry and outdoor sports. It will be an honor to take this journey on a Parker Boat and I’m looking forward to a great adventure!” 
Scott Bauer, president of Parker Boats stated, “We are inspired by Eddie’s passion and desire to encourage others to experience fishing and boating. Parker Boats is proud to be his ride of choice for this honorable cause as he embarks on ‘Journey for a Cause.’”
To keep in touch with Eddie Gill and his “Journey for a Cause” follow @journey4acause and

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