Walter N. Meloon inducted into Wakeboarding Hall of Fame

Walter N. Meloon, grandson of Correct Craft’s founder and former Correct Craft CEO, has been inducted into the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame.

The Wakeboarding Hall of Fame was created in 2015 to recognize those who have had an outsized impact on the sport. Each year a panel of industry leaders consider nominations to determine who will receive an invitation to the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame, a highly coveted honor.

Walter N. Meloon was CEO of Correct Craft during the rise of wakeboarding and as the company’s innovations were leading development of the sport. The wakeboard tower was just one of the many innovations developed by Correct Craft during Walter’s tenure as CEO.

Bill Yeargin, president and CEO of Correct Craft stated, “Our team is thrilled to see Walt honored with induction into the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame, a well-deserved acknowledgement. We celebrate with Walt and his family as they enjoy this high honor.”

Yeargin added, “The success we enjoy at Correct Craft today is built on the shoulders of Walt, the entire Meloon family, and many other Correct Craft leaders over the past century. Our team is not only grateful for the contribution of Walt but also excited to continue building on his legacy.”

The 2020 HOF class includes: Shannon Best, Mike Weddington, Zane Schwenk, Greg Nelson, Kristin (Buster) Lutgert Cartwright and early innovators Brannon Meek and Rich Goforth. Scott Harwood a pioneering wakeboarder was also recognized in the Lifetime Achievement category.

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