Lund partners with student angling tournament

It was just three years ago when the idea of creating a Student Angling Tournament Trail (SATT) was beginning to unfold. The idea was simple, create a tournament trail for student anglers while using a Lund boat and Mercury engine raffle to raise money for the circuit. Just a short three years later, and with a tremendous support group behind it, the SATT hosted its third annual Tournament of Champions (TOC) event and awarded the Top five fishing teams more than $20,000 in scholarships.

“The raffle boat concept has been a tremendous success for the SATT”, says Jason Bahr, Executive Director for the SATT and Lund ProStaff member. “This year we’ve raised nearly $50,000 from the raffle ticket sales. Most of the proceeds goes towards the fishing tournament scholarships while another portion goes back to the individual high school teams selling the tickets” added Bahr. “I knew we had a winning formula on our hands. I couldn’t be prouder of the dedicated individuals who have put their heart and souls into growing student angling and turning the SATT into such a huge success in a short period of time.”

The TOC event was a two-day event held on Lake Vermilion. The winning team of Kobie Koenig and Alex Keranen, members of the Grand Rapids, MN fishing team, posted a two-day total of 54 lbs. 3 oz. and took home the top $10,000 scholarship prize. The Top five placing teams won scholarships that totaled over $20,000. Scholarship funds can be used for any college, trade school or law enforcement program.

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