ATX Surf Boats launches new brand worldwide

ATX Surf Boats hit the water today with a global product launch and brand introduction.

“ATX Surf Boats energizes peoples’ lives with maximal experiences and a minimal investment, giving the broader market a unique entry into the inboard segment,” said a statement from the company.

“We have created the new ATX Surf Boats brand and product line with sole focus on the needs and demands of our targeted consumer,” stated Charlie Pigeon, CEO and Founder of ATX Surf Boats and Tige Boats Inc. “By offering practical yet innovative features, our new owners can enjoy simplicity in the performance and functionality of the boat, as well as a simple ownership experience. The ATX brand will fulfill these expectations and is setting up to take over market share through our business and brand strategy.”

ATX Surf Boats are engineered, designed, and crafted by the same team that has built the Tige Boats brand and product.

The company said the new brand was created for a new generation of consumers, and that ATX Surf Boats will be a stand-alone brand that operates and manufacturers alongside the popular Tige Boats marque.

“To elevate and differentiate the ATX brand from Tige, a distinct design identity, logo, naming structure and customer service offering has been established,” the company said.

ATX Surf Boats has partnered with a variety of vendors, partners, and ambassadors, including Wet Sounds, Indmar Marine Engines, GatorStep, Hurricane Towers, Enovation Controls, and many more.

ATX is launching with its 22-foot picklefork model — the 22 Type-S.

The 22 Type-S has a starting price of $71,750 MSRP. Features include the Convex V HullTAPS3T and the Go System, over 2,750 lbs of ballast, the gas Shock TowerATXperience Control system (7-inch touch screen and switch system), 6.2L Closed Cooled ATX engine by Indmar, and more.

22 Type-S Specs

WEIGHT: 4950 lbs
HULL: Convex V
DRAFT: 29“
STORAGE: 101.34

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