Marquis-Larson will introduce new Marquis line in 2019

According to Rob Parmentier, President & CEO of the Marquis-Larson Boat Group, Marquis Yachts will discontinue its current line of semi-custom cruising boats and transition to an entirely new line for 2019.

Parmentier said the new models are designed to better address changes in the global marketplace where there is an increasing demand for boats with unique styling, greater performance and higher levels of quality than are currently offered by other production builders.

“With our experience building ultra modern, ultra high quality boats for both Lexus and VanDutch, I feel we are in a unique position to offer a new Marquis brand that will become a significant player in this growing market,” he said.

In the meantime Marquis-Larson Boat Group will continue to support its current Marquis Yacht owners through its expanding network of dealers.

The new Marquis is expected to debut at the 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show at an invitation only unveiling prior to the show. The look and specifications of this exclusive new Marquis line will not be shared with the general boating public and press until its premier.


  1. It is a pleasure being a Carver Marquis dealer and Hurst Marina is enjoying these quality well built boats

  2. This is a great move for Marquis yacht. As an owner of both a Marquis and a VanDutch I can only imagine what they can come up with now. Both of my yachts have hours of charter time with and they are both holding up very well.

    Looking forward to seeing the 2020 models

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