RBLC task force launches new media awareness campaign

Following last fall’s launch of its education training module, “Proven Strategies for Engaging New Markets,” the Recreational Boating Leadership Council’s New Market Task Force released a free package of new trade advertisements designed to invite and drive access to the official training webinar, collateral and video content that will be available to all businesses in the marine industry.

The 45-minute multi-media training module features an updated mix of demographic and economic trend data on the Hispanic, African American and Asian markets, as well as “best practices” custom video segments spotlighting five marine retailers and businesses that have successfully engaged in new markets.

The campaign was developed in creative cooperation with the National Marine Manufacturers Association to help drive interested parties to RBLC.org where the materials are housed and available for free download.

The archived webinar and individual video segments are available, as are the best practices tip sheets.

For more information, contact New Markets Task Force Chairman Wanda Kenton Smith at wanda@freedomboatclub.com.

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