Premiere Sailing League USA announces team rules, clothing regulations

The Premiere Sailing League USA, which will hold its first exhibition event at Detroit’s Grosse Pointe Yacht Club (GPYC) September 10, has published the Clothing Regulations and Team Rules that are unique to League events.

Each participant will wear a jersey identifying the team they represent and which is customized on the back not only with their name but also easily read numbers that identify the crew position of the wearer.  Since each team may number as many as 12 sailors (four on the water at a time), the helmsman may be wearing a number between one and 15, the bowman a number between 41 and 55, and the navigator a number between 65 and 70.  In addition, with rules that allow the crew members to rotate after each race, the jersey rules will help to identify which sailors are on the boat at any given time.

Each team is required to announce their crew seven days prior to the first race of the competition. While each team may register up to eight ISAF-classified professional sailors for the season, only one professional is permitted to sail at an event and he or she may sail in only eight races during that event. With a maximum of 40 races planned for each event, strategizing when to put the professional on the water will be critical to a team’s success. Each crew must be a member of the sailing organization they represent, and a sailor is allowed to represent only one team during the season.

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