Roswell Marine announces Roswell Experience Tour

The Roswell Marine Experience Tour kicks off Independence Day weekend sending three boats, all featuring Roswell’s products, on a two-month tour across North America.

The tour showcases a 2002 Nautique 210, a Bennington 2350 RSFB pontoon, and a Centurion Ri217 tow boat all featuring Roswell’s new Element in-boat speakers.

“The boating lifestyle is so much more than just the boat itself.  Our team wakes up every day to enhance that lifestyle  in ways that apply to all types of boats.  This tour gives everybody a chance to experience first hand how Roswell’s products improve their time on the water,” said Sean Marrero, Roswell’s president.

The Bennington has been upgraded with eight Roswell 6.5-inch Element in-boat speakers, three-retractable TVs, a one-of-a-kind paint scheme and wrap, and custom tri-axle Boatmate trailer.  The Centurion will feature six Roswell 8-inch Element in-boat speakers, Roswell’s Maximus tower and board racks, and Downfire Tower Speakers.

The tour also includes a revamped, vintage 2002 Nautique 210 with Roswell’s patented aftermarket Aviator tower.

“Our team worked tirelessly to breathe new life into the Nautique.  Buying a new boat is not an option for every customer, but that doesn’t mean you are left behind.  A visit to one of our dealers opens up the unlimited possibilities available in the aftermarket, and the Nautique is a perfect example of that,” added Marrero.

Featured products on the Nautique include Roswell’s Aviator tower, two-pair of custom painted Roswell Neptune 8.0 tower speakers, eight of Roswell’s 8-inch Element speakers, and three Roswell 1211 DVC subwoofers all powered by 7-Roswell Marine Audio amplifiers totaling  4000 RMS watts.

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