Yamaha introduces Talon Pontoon SDS Propeller

Yamaha Marine Group announced Thursday the launch of the Talon Pontoon SDS Propeller, designed to provide a solution for many of today’s midrange-powered pontoons.

The blade design is combined with the smooth, quiet-shifting and low-speed operational benefits of Yamaha’s exclusive Shift Dampener System (SDS). Talon Pontoon SDS Propellers are made of polished stainless steel and feature a significantly larger blade area that helps provide outstanding thrust and control, with added grip and reduced ventilation in turns.

Talon Pontoon SDS Propellers greatly reduce or eliminate the clunk that can be associated when shifting in-line four-stroke outboards into gear. The SDS hub system also provides smooth and quiet in-gear operation, even at very low speeds, and can reduce vibration that can be more readily felt in aluminum boats.

The new Talon Pontoon SDS propellers bring a new level of quiet and comfort to Yamaha T50, T60, and F70 through F115 four-stroke engines, as well as 60 hp through 130 hp two-stroke Yamaha outboards. This new family of SDS propellers is available in 9”, 10”, 11”, 12”, and 13” pitches.

The new Yamaha Talon Pontoon SDS propellers are expected to be available in July 2016.

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