NMMA joins coalition in support of Trans-Pacific Partnership

The National Marine Manufacturers Association is working with a broad-based group of U.S. companies and associations as part of the U.S. Coalition for TPP to gather support on Capitol Hill to ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The agreement would bring important growth to U.S. manufacturing and strengthen the boating industry’s position in the global marketplace, the association said.

“NMMA is proud to support the Trans Pacific Partnership, an historic trade agreement that will not only advance global trade but supports growth in the Asia-Pacific region specifically,” said NMMA Vice President of Federal and Legal Affairs Nicole Vasilaros. “The recreational boating industry is pleased with the strides taken toward regulatory coherence, bolstering a global marketplace of rules, and the elimination of technical barriers resolving issues for standards harmonization. Like many other global business sectors, marine manufacturing will benefit from the transparent customs procedures and reduced or eliminated barriers, ensuring fairness and accountability for products and leveling the playing field amongst U.S. manufacturers. The recreational boating community urges a swift ratification of the TPP as a sound trade agreement benefiting our industry’s manufacturers as well as U.S. manufacturing at large.”

Twelve countries, including the United States, have signed the agreement. The recreational boating industry benefits through regulatory transparency and measures to ensure cooperation among regulatory bodies to reduce burdensome and duplicative rules, according to NMMA.

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