Nautical Ventures Group adds designer Fabrizio Di Carne

Nautical Ventures Group is furthering its quest to be the largest reseller and distributor of tenders by hiring renowned designer Fabrizio Di Carne as its in-house engineer for an exclusive new line of tenders.

Di Carne’s career spans more than 25 years as an accomplished product designer and engineer from both the automotive and marine industries. Hailing from Milan, Italy, Fabrizio had his start with such notable car manufactures as Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Bugatti, Ferrari, Fiat, Lancia, Volkswagen, and more.

Toward the mid-90s, Fabrizio shifted gears from automotive to marine by becoming the designer for new product development at Novurnia America and Nautica International, respectively. In his tenure at both builders, he is credited for the creation of more than 21 innovative models, many still on the market today. Additionally, Fabrizio’s core competencies include analyzing market demand, tooling construction, production optimization and billing material.

According to Roger Moore, CEO of Nautical Ventures Group, “For years we have been partnering with several tender and rib builders to develop our own line of tenders. In the past we’ve partnered with Alessandro Marchi, Evolution, Wave, and came to the realization that we required a central in-house voice to bring to fruition our ideas. Fabrizio will be the one who will take our ideas and turn them into a reality.”

“We recently signed an exclusive worldwide distribution agreement with Evolution Tenders and Wave Boats, and they will both be debuting at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show,” notes Fabrizio. “Wave is a 19’ RIB tender, Evolution manufactures the M-10 and Evo 10 and 12 that are jet tenders powered by Yamaha Jets. Our new development Diesel E3 tender will be available for sale in early 2016. This is a revolutionary 385 model or 12.5’ tunnel drive diesel powered RIB. Initial sea trials conducted with the development team were very successful, and final aesthetic design changes are now in process before production begins.”

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