Mercury Marine facilitates boater education during National Invasive Species Awareness Week

FOND DU LAC, Wis. – Mercury Marine has teamed up with three of its television partners to educate boaters on how to prevent the spread of invasive species. The initiative comes as part of National Invasive Species Awareness Week across the country.

The videos showcase Captain Mike Genoun of Florida Sport Fishing, Peter Miller of Bass2Billfish and Scott Glorvigen of Wired2Fish and examine a variety of circumstances relative to invasive species that boaters need to be cognizant of.

“The process is easy; clean, drain and dry your boat and equipment after each use,” said Wired2Fish host Scott Glorvigen. “Make sure that your live wells, bait wells, bilge pumps and aerators are completely drained and clear all vegetation on your boat.”

According to the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA), non-native plants, animals and pathogens can harm humans and the environment and impact our nation’s economy. The damage done by invasive plants alone costs the U.S. an estimated $34.7 billion a year.

“Aquatic invasive species is an issue that is in need of serious help in Washington,” said Mercury Marine Director of Public Relations Lee Gordon. “We are doing everything we can to help educate our customers on the dangers of invasive species and will continue to advocate lawmakers to appropriate money towards research and education of AIS. Invasive species can cause irreparable damage to the ecosystem and is detrimental to fishing, boating and the tourism industry.”

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