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B&G introduces system builder sales tool

By B&G

TULSA, Okla. – B&G, a leader in the manufacture of instruments and marine electronics for sailing, announced today the launch of its B&G System Builder – a comprehensive, global tool to enable sales teams to quickly and accurately put together entire B&G systems. Designed for use with the Apple iPad/iPad mini, B&G System Builder allows a sales representative to give instant quotes, show visual schematics and provide pricing to customers, to help them choose their ideal B&G system. The application combines an up-to-date price book, product information guides, installation quotes and standard/boat builder packages – all in local currency, for fast and accurate information delivery. Reducing the potential for errors and ensuring all necessary components are included, the ultra-thorough system empowers sales personnel to accurately put together an array of product and system information in an instant.

B&G System Builder allows estimates, installation quotes and system drawings to be shared via email with customers, or multiple recipients for seamless supply chain operation. A convenient and flexible solution, the software is easy-to-install and update, and ensures boat builders and dealers can efficiently develop the right system, correct installation configuration and accurate pricing to increase customer and consumer satisfaction.

“As B&G has grown as a brand and increased the range of systems we offer, System Builder has been developed to take the fear and error out of selling and quoting B&G systems,” said Leif Ottosson, CEO, Navico. “It gives our dealers, distributors and sales teams the latest up-to-the minute information on system specifications, pricing and quotations, ensuring that we provide our customers with instant and accurate information.”

For more information on the award-winning range of B&G sailing tactical and navigational electronics, contact 800-628-4487 (toll-free) in the USA or 800-661-3983 (toll-free) in Canada, or visit www.bandg.com.

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