360° Industry Solutions to provide social media and digital services

DETROIT, Mich. – 360° Industry Solutions recently added two additional departments to meet marine dealers’, builders’ and suppliers’ social media and digital media needs, it reported in a recent statement. The company said it expects these services will help its clients bridge the gap between online and offline communities by organizing “real world” events to better connect members of online communities with each other and the people within the business

360° Industry Solutions said it intends to further reinforce the marine industry’s social media presence while providing its clients training and program maintenance, which will allow them to develop their loyal customer base while fostering new customers.

While the company plans to serve its clients through all social media channels, it will specifically target the main media Web sites frequented most by boaters, including Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin. By working with its clients to establish an online “editorial calendar,” the company intends to help them drive business during traditionally-slow periods and highlight clients’ unique strengths and capabilities.

“What sets 360° Industry Solutions apart from other digital and social media marketing firms is the real-world experience of the team,” said Christopher Kourtakis, director of sales and marketing. “Our employees have worked in dealerships and at the OEM level and comprehend what works and what doesn’t. Simply managing an online presence isn’t enough in today’s business world. Practical experience is necessary to put the business processes in place to effectively respond to and benefit from the customer interactions generated in an on-line community.”
Kourtakis added that his company is different from other marketing firms in that employees don’t just design strategies for clients, they maintain them. He pointed out that while most businesses recognize that they need a social media presence and that their customers belong to more than one site, they can’t afford to hire a full time social media administrator to monitor the collage of sites, develop and maintain a blog, effectively communicate with customers and provide feedback to their companies.

360° Industry Solutions can take the place of that full-time employee, developing social media sites, maintaining them, responding to posts, creating and posting blogs “and everything else that is required for a business to succeed in the ever-changing online environment,” the company explained.

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