NMMA introduces standards for carton labels

CHICAGO – The National Marine Manufacturers Association’s Mutual Efficiency Forum Aftermarket Task Force has developed industry standards for the production and use of master pack carton labels, allowing accessory manufacturers to uniformly label their cartons shipped to distributors and retailers, according to a statement from the NMMA earlier today.

“The goal of these guidelines is to reduce costs throughout the marine industry supply chain,” said Jason Pajonk, task force chairman and president of Taylor Made Products. “We know that industry stakeholders—including manufacturers, retailers and two-step distributors—involved in developing these guidelines believe this will be the first of several steps in improving the supply chain and distribution costs within our industry.”

The labels are complementary to most customer-specific labeling requirements and, using a barcode, the shipper encodes specific data within the barcode that is retrievable when scanned by the receiver, according to NMMA. The data is then automatically downloaded into the distributor/retailer’s inventory system, thereby increasing supply chain efficiencies for both the manufacturer and distributor/retailer. The industry standard was developed to ensure easy adoption for every size manufacturer, the association said.

To assist those companies who may not have access to the specific technology required, a step-by-step instruction guide is available which outlines the various items needed to implement the standard.

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