Aero Marine Engine renames Dyna Cam engine

RONKONKOMA, N.Y. – A proprietary internal-combustion engine formerly called Dyna Cam, has been renamed the Axial Vector Engine by Aero Marine Engine, Inc., a developmental-stage company which acquired the rights to the machine, an Aero Marine statement said yesterday.

“Management of Aero Marine feels that the name change was warranted because Axial Vector better describes the revolutionary engine,” the release said. “Axial represents the linear motion of the engine design. Vector represents the low speed, high torque design of the engine. Therefore, Axial Vector better represents our product.“

Aero Marine Engine also called the debut of the Axial Vector Engine at the Miami International Boat Show a “major success.”

“Seasoned veterans in the marine industry repeatedly said of the technology that this is the first new engine technology that makes sense for marine applications in decades,” the statement said.

The Axial Vector Engine is an internal combustion engine where the pistons drive a cam to generate power to the main shaft, which is in a parallel direction to piston movement, without connecting rods or crankshaft. The engine is said to have approximately 40-percent fewer moving parts than a conventional internal combustion engine, has a greater power to weight ratio, produces high torque at low rpm, operates with less vibration, and is lighter than the competition, according to the company.

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