Z Yachts and Challenger manufacturer sign distribution deal

ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Z Yachts, Inc., a recreational boat brokerage company, has partnered with Xtreme Companies, distributor manufacturer of the Challenger line of boats, to serve as a sales and distribution arm for Challenger and Xtreme's first responder line of boats, according to a statement from Z Yachts today.

Z Yachts has traditionally focused on selling pre-owned boats, but the new partnership will allow the company to sell new boats directly from the manufacturer to its retail customers.

"This contract allows us to expand into new boat sales in multiple markets, thus increasing the presence of the Z Yachts brand," said James Weller, president of Z Yachts. "In return, the partnership allows Z Yachts to act as a ready-made sales network for Challenger Offshore boats, giving the manufacturer an active, national sales force that is dealing with consumers shopping for boats every single day."

As part of the new agreement, Z Yachts has appointed a manufacturer representative to work with Challenger Offshore. This representative is responsible for working directly with the manufacturer to ensure correct listing specifications, warranty and other relevant information about each boat, while acting as a singular point of contact with the manufacturer.

Each broker in Z Yachts' national network is able to market and represent the brand in a local market, but each sale will be coordinated through the manufacturer representative to ensure customer satisfaction in every aspect of the sale, the company stated. Z Yachts' agreement with Xtreme Companies became effective July 1.

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