Two MTA’s contribute to Grow Boating

CHICAGO – State and regional marine trade associations continue to get behind the national Grow Boating Initiative, with recent donations by the Northwest Marine Trade Association ($15,000) and the New York Marine Trade Association ($10,000), the National Marine Manufacturers Association reported in a recent release.

“NMTA has had its own grow boating program in place for almost two years, and we have raised money on our own to help improve boat sales,” said Michael Campbell, president of NMTA. “I was part of the group that help selected the ad agency for the Grow Boating Initiative. I was impressed with the work everyone has done and was happy to see the advertisements developed by Carmichael Lynch. Our mission here at the NMTA is to Grow Boating, and we should be helping to do that on a national level.”

NYMTA executive director Chris Squeri said his association also incorporated its own grow boating campaign three years ago, and it has been very successful in New York.

“Through association funds and member donations, our campaign exceeded $250,000 and was well received,” Squeri said. “We can only imagine what a national campaign can provide to the marine industry. We are excited and eager to participate and see the campaign implemented.”

Marine Trade Associations have now contributed more than $125,000 to the Grow Boating Initiative.

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